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How do you break up with someone you’ve never met? The Accountant, a guy who messaged me through an online dating site, is kind of creeping me out. We chatted some online and I gave him my phone number so he called. We’ve had two long conversations full of red flags and me feeling uncomfortable. He asks really pointed questions. Questions you wouldn’t ask of someone before your first date – have I ever been in love, am I still in love with anyone, do I promise that I’m not into girls, do I wear thongs … I could go on, he certainly has. At first it was cute, but it is now borderline creepy. He’s trying to weed out characteristics of past girlfriends by asking if I’ve ever been “diagnosed with a mental disorder.” And he seems like he tries too hard to say things that he thinks women want to hear, like going on about how he’s going to take to me to a Five Star Steakhouse. Only problem? Had he been listening to me, he’d know that I don’t eat steak. But no, no, he’s too busy calling me “Little Girl” and “Poor Little Baby.” And now he’s gotten especially odd. Last night he kept saying that he wished he could be cuddled next to me. And when I gently tried to get him off of the phone, he accused me of “trying to get rid of him” and then saying that I was reminding him that he couldn’t be holding me tight. The kicker? Dude has yet to ask me out for even a coffee date. Next!

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Charming, but single is 25 26 27(!), lives in the Southern part of the U.S.A. and likes both her drinks and her boys tall. E-mail (listed below) her and she may respond. You can also IM her in AIM/AOL. (If she ever remembers to sign on.)
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