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Spent a few hours talking with the Accountant, 35, last night. The conversation was nice. He seems like an okay guy. The positive is that he's interesting and talkative. And we are interested in some of the same things, which is nice.


The flip side of this is that while we're interested in some of the same things, we're bound to disagree on many of them. He's a hardcore political junkie with opinions opposite of mine. I don't mind this. However, he seems very into it and brought it up several times. It is as if his political preference is how he defines himself. This could be problematic in the future, as sometimes I don't want to constantly have my mind on serious things.


The phone conversation did seem long, mostly because I hate talking to people on the phone when they live in town. I'd rather just go have a coffee. This wasn't an option at 11 p.m. last night.


He also asked some very pointed questions, ranging from if I had piercings or tattoos to if I was somehow emotionally unstable or off-balance. He seems very interested in a serious relationship.


"What kind of women have you dated in the past?"


He just laughed.


"Bad girls."


I've also had some furious e-mailing with the Academic, who is visiting family on his break from teaching and researching. He's revealed his somewhat eccentric side, but we also share some common interests and have been exchanging some quality "getting to know you" e-mails.


I do have a few concerns, the first (and biggest) being that I'm tired of e-mailing the guy and want to have a beer with him or something. It seems like next week would be the first time would be possible. I'm over e-mailing.


The Jazz Musician sent me his contact info, but I haven't e-mailed yet. I was a bit perturbed because I sent him my e-mail and messenger name and then he messaged back through the site telling me his e-mail.


Um, just e-mail me.


Also, one guy who I'd e-mailed with a bit last week is proving to be very sweet. He's the Nice Guy. I haven't had a chance to call him, so I sent him a quick note apologizing for this and blaming my new job. He e-mailed back today to quickly say that he hoped my new job was going well and that he was still interested. Very cute.


So, I messaged back that I would give him a ring so we could set up a coffee date one afternoon this weekend. I felt bad because I have plans both nights already with my friends and I don't want to commit an entire weekend night (choice scheduling time) on someone I don't really know. I'd rather do a short coffee date first. Hopefully he won't feel like he's being blown off. (Although, he very well could, since I've been not very responsive this week.)



  • Coffee with the Nice Guy on Saturday, if he can make it
  • Drinks with the Accountant after work one night next week, because he works downtown as well
  • Coffee or a beer with the Academic as soon as he returns


  • An actual quality date for next weekend (not the one two days from now)

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