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Online Dating Day 3: So-so

Since I figure I should take this stuff seriously, I started searching through profiles with the goal being to contact at least five guys who caught my eye. This was a bit rough, as I'm very anti-rejection and I was actually looking for guys who caught my eye and who I thought would respond. So, I ended up not contacting anyone and just sorting through the guys who contacted me. Perhaps this is not the best way to approach things. I know that I should cast a wide net. I'm approaching this with too narrow a view, I suppose. Things that annoy me about online dating:

  • Winks and icebreakers and flirts. Lord, just send me a damn e-mail.
  • Guys from bazillions of miles away contacting me. Did I mention on my profile that I wanted to move to New York? Nope!
  • Guys who can't spell. Seriously.
  • Wondering if I should politely decline the guys I'm not into or just ignore them. (I've been ignoring them.)
Guys I've filtered out:
  • Out-of-towners
  • Men who list substandard establishments as where they like to hang out. I am a bar snob, not going to be caught dead in some trashy bar known for attracting rednecks. Next!
  • Academic boy e-mailed a short note back that he was out of town, but promised that if I replied, he'd owe me a longer e-mail. He used an e-mail address with his full name (I don't for safety reasons.) and I waited two full minutes before Googling him. (I think that is an accomplishment.) Seems cool and I'll definitely try to wrangle a meeting for coffee sometime next week. Maybe. Am I actually going to go on an online date?
  • Another guy, 35, e-mailed me. He seemed sweet, so I e-mailed back. He sent me a really flattering e-mail about how I write really well (based on my e-mail?) and his phone number. Nice enough guy. I should call him.
  • Chatted with a 28-year-old business student. Seemed ok, promised to e-mail. We'll see.
  • Spent 30 minutes writing a really short and witty reply to a 28-year-old jazz fan who wears really cute plastic glasses. Hoping he'll drop me a line even though I know nothing about jazz music.
  • Had some weird e-mail exchanges with a 30-something fitness trainer who seemed more into a hook-up than anything else. He sent an annoyed e-mail back because he apparently was hoping for something tonight. No thank you.

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