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A guy, 35, who posed by his truck in a profile picture (pet peeve), sent me this gem in an e-mail:

you sound very interesting, but I am curious. your section on your wants for the guy is very open. what do you want besides a laid back confident guy with a sense of humor.
Now, I employ the three-paragraph format I talked about here. Something about me, something about what I want, something witty-ish about me or as a closing. I'm not writing a thesis titled "Personality Traits of a Particular Single Woman and Her Theoretical Perfect Male Counterpart." It's a profile. Geez. I don't know why this irked me, but it did. Because I did list other traits. I said I wanted I guy who was opinionated, yet open-minded and someone who was fine both having a fun night out or staying in and relaxing. Part of me wanted to employ Professional Communicator tactics on him and restate my position in more forceful terms. Like this:
Actually, if you carefully read my profile, you will see that I've listed five traits that I want in a man, not just the three you chose to get hung up on. To summarize my position on the potential mate ...
I ultimately decided that this was a bad idea. I checked his profile, and -- wait for it -- he doesn't list any traits that he wants in a woman. At all. He doesn't even say he wants a "Real, Honest Woman" or employ any other trite profile-isms, such as "not wanting drama." Next!

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