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I'll see your bad blind date and raise you a bad second date ...

Last night at dinner we were sharing dating horror stories. It quickly became a competition to see who had the worst date story. Like a parlor game for singles, winner to be decided by the loudness of the groans heard 'round the table.

My friend went out with an engineer who had a very rigid schedule. When they were discussing lunch plans, he said he always took lunch for exactly an hour at 11:15 and said he liked only two restaurants. It did not go well.

I one-upped her with the guy who didn't drive because it was an "urban mindset thing."

She countered with the man she met for a sushi lunch date, who, upon receiving the check, agreed to split it with her (she offered) and then proceeded to pull out a rubber-banded roll of money, give her his half of the bill and tell her to put the whole tab on her credit card. Also, he didn't contribute for tip.

So I shared the story of the guy who cried when we saw "The Break Up" at the movies. And then talked about burning his ex-girlfriends things.

And I won.

I always win with that story.

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