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Some days, like a few days ago, you wait. And it kills you. And you feel that if you have to wait any longer, you will go nuts. And you question if being an adult is worth it and you stress. The phone doesn't ring. The e-mail never comes.


And then some days, like today, when you don't have to wait on good news, when it just comes, you are so happy that your chest wells up with pride. Because you did it – you saw what you wanted and you got it. And even though change is scary and I ultimately feel like both celebrating and running to the bathroom because I'm so nervous I could vomit, I am accomplished and hopeful. I've worked hard for the career I want and the reward is more (and harder) work.


This is when I like being an adult. Very much so.


At lunch, I wanted to scream my good news, but I was with co-workers and the time is not right. Not yet.


I was munching on my salad when Little Mr. Small Town walked in and joined a table of women. They seemed to be meeting about work. As I stood by the register later, our eyes met and he smiled. We exchanged hellos, but I was fearful of going over to say something. What if he didn't remember who I was and just recognized that he'd met me before?


So I just smiled, slid on my big glam sunglasses and gave a flirty wave as I left.


I gave the women from work, all married, the story of him giving me his business card.


"He probably thinks I was rude to not call."


They burst into protest, wondering why I didn't call him.


"I don't know, I don't get the card thing," I said. "All of the sudden giving out your business card at bars is the new black."


They shook their collective heads.


"No wonder you're still single," someone said.

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