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So, I started writing this post before I went out last night ... but I got distracted and then I needed to get ready and I have this new haircut that needs velcro rollers and flat-ironing ... anyway, I never got back to the post. I was going to write about an aspect of "Single girl's law," which is like Murphy's law for, um, single girls. (I never claimed that the name was creative.) Consider this a running feature, feel free to contribute.

Single Girl's Law #1 -- You will never get lucky on nights when you shave your legs. Seriously, I've road-tested this one. It is law about 98 percent of the time. Now, when you have stubble for a few days or haven't done bikini line maintenance, every guy you ever thought was cute will try to take you home. Guys who snubbed you for weeks and months will come out of the woodwork, buy you drinks and try to come home with you. This, of course, happens because shaving your legs is an admission to yourself that you think you MIGHT get lucky, and we all know that a watched pot never boils.
And yes, I shaved my legs last night. Bastards, all of them.

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