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So it's been a few days, and in a way things have been both exciting and boring. For starters, I interviewed for and was offered a job I really wanted. I was offered the job on Wednesday (via cell phone while I was at my other, crappy, job), and given my months-long search for a stable professional job in my area of expertise that offered health insurance, I didn't hesitate to accept right on the spot. I was, and still am, thrilled. The money is okay. Much more than I'm making now, but not so much that I'll be drinking only $9 martinis, wearing only Enzo Angelini shoes and getting mani-pedis every week. But, enough to support just me, pay down the student loans and start saving to buy a new car in a year or so. This I can handle. On a more vain note, it's great to know that when I go out and meet people and have to introduce myself, I no longer have to say, "Oh, I'm working retail, but I'm looking for a real job right now." (This was always problematic because I always worried that I would offend someone by insinuating that retail or service-type jobs aren't real. They're real, they're just not what I envisioned my official career to be, which is why I suppose they aren't real to me. I'm a snob.) I put a lot of stock in what people do with their lives. To me, this is how you can tell a lot about a person's character and goals. I'm a judgmental person at times -- probably no more so than most people, but enough that I notice and try to curb it. So, I've always been a bit worried that people were judging me by my terrible job and lengthy job search. I'm always surrounded by people who are in professional jobs they love or who are finishing graduate or law school. I know I'm just as (or, sometimes, more) interesting and intelligent as these people, and I felt my job didn't reflect that. (There's a lesson in there about judging a book by its cover or a shopgirl by her wares. Consider it learned and let's move on.) Anyway, I'm looking forward to being able to say, "I work in PR," the next time I'm engaged in conversation with a new person. Maybe that's superficial of me. Who cares. I'm proud that the bumpy road of employment and experience I've navigated has finally paid off. Anyway. Moving on. Wednesday we went to a little martini bar to celebrate my new job. (We would have gone anyway, but me getting a job was a great excuse to drink more.) The drinks were cheap -- two for $7 -- even if they were on the smallish side. The watermelon ones were great. They're definitely my new favorite. Unofficially, I think Wednesday night at the martini bar is going to be our new during-the-week drinking event. (Not as cheap as the old one, where we suffered through Monday Night Football for $1 beers, but still cheap, especially given my new employment.) My good friend the law student was there with the guy she's seeing, as was a girlfriend of ours, B, B's roomie and the girl he's seeing and several people who work with B. Of course, B's roomie (before B got there) floated the rumor that B is sleeping with a very attractive blonde woman with whom he works. I pretended to be interested in the gossip because I was happy for him. Really, it just pissed me off. I mean, of course I want him to be happy. I've been playing the whole "I used to love him" role very well for the past few months. This rumor was the first challenge to that, and I suppose I failed. When B got there I joked about the rumor with him. He denied it, saying that she'd crashed at his place because she was too drunk to drive. I didn't believe him at first, but he pointed out that had he slept with her, he'd "still be smiling ear to ear." (This did very little for my self-esteem.) Anyway, I think he's telling the truth. He doesn't have any reason to lie about sleeping with a hot chick to spare my feelings, especially given the fact that I've been quite open in my flirtations with new boys. Still, it bugged me. I don't want him to be miserable. I'd just rather that I were happy first. What is NOT making me happy, however, is the lack of phone calls from a certain boy I hung out with on New Year's. I am seriously annoyed -- he ACTED like he liked me. Seriously, there was interesting conversation, cute casual touching and lots of laughing, not to mention the whole making-out-with-me-before-we-left-together thing. The same thing happened with him after a Halloween party. At that point I chalked the whole thing up to drunkenness, but after having such a great time at New Year's, I lost sight of the "If he is not calling you, he is not into you" rule. But he still hasn't called. Part of me thinks we'll just hang out at parties thrown my our mutual friend. This would be fine if he threw parties every weekend. And now let the obsessing begin.

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