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One of my recently-married friends referenced the episode of Sex and the City about "Secret Single Behavior" in conversation recently. SSB refers to those habits one picks up or things one does when single or living alone that you wouldn't do with someone else around. It's not that the SSB is somehow shameful or wrong, it's just mildly embarrassing. My friend missed listening to dorky soft rock love songs at night. She'd never do this in front of her husband because to him it would seem silly, but she loved to listen and sing along in the evenings after work. (Whenever he goes out of town for work, she indulges herself.) This conversation got me thinking about my own Secret Single Behavior, so I compiled a list:

  • Blaring silly songs whilst doing laundry and dishes. My favorites are "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones, "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior, "In These Shoes" by Kristy MacColl and (more recently) "Get Right" by J-Lo. (It's that whole "spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" thing.)
  • Doing old ballet stretches and new yoga poses in the kitchen, because it has the biggest open space in the house.
  • Watching C-Span like it's a football game. White House press briefings are my favorite, even though I miss my main man Ari. (I also like to watch "Crossfire" on mute and make up my own dialogue.)
  • Wearing new shoes with my PJs or lounging clothes so I can break them in.
  • Practicing my French by describing aloud what I'm cooking or doing . ("Je fais mon petit dejeuner!") (I used to translate newspaper or magazine articles into French as I read them, but I am so out of practice that it would take days to read one article. I miss my French classes.)
I could go on for days, but a girl must have some secret rituals that are entirely hers, no?

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