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So this is odd. I finished blogging last night and settled in bed with my puppy, who did not want to sleep at all. AT ALL. The only thing remotely interesting on TV was "Iron Chef America," so I set the sleep timer on my TV to five minutes after it ended (1 a.m.) and figured I'd barely make it through half of the show before I was out. I was correct -- I must've fallen asleep around 12:30 a.m., well before my FoodNetwork crush Chef Bobby Flay served his food to the judges. So, I've been sleeping for less than an hour when my cell phone rings and vibrates. Like crazy. This wakes up my puppy, who then wants to lick my face and play. It pisses me off royally. I silence the damn thing and then open it to see who's calling. The number isn't in my phone and I don't recognize it, so instead of yelling at the caller, I assume it's a wrong number and go back to sleep. This morning I wake up still slightly annoyed that someone called me at 1:12 a.m. on Monday morning. I checked my messages and there were none. So, I reverted to my journalism days and plugged the number into one of those reverse phone number search engine thingys. Who was it? None other than T himself, calling from his house. At first I was excited -- he called me! Then I was bummed -- after 1 a.m. and without leaving a message! Asshole. So, this confirms that he's just looking for a booty call, which is fine. I'm just annoyed that he didn't leave a message ... now I can't call him back without having to pretend that I don't know who it is, since he knows I don't have his home number and he didn't leave a message. I consulted a friend for guidance and she suggested that I call the number today and act like I was calling to find out who woke me up last night, then act surprised that it was him. This way, she argued, I could talk to him AND keep the number to call it later. Yeah, I so totally hate him.

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