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As the seasons change, so must the look of Charming, but single.

The new pink shoe is Christian Louboutin, much too expensive for me to afford. But I love it so very much. Very sexy (high heeled, strappy) but still very innocent (bow) while also being flirty (hot pink). Imagine that shoe with a little black dress, perfectly pedicured light pink toes and a bright-colored clutch. Very "night out dancing with the girls" or "breathtakingly gorgeous at a cocktail party."

I wonder if I could get my landlord to waive my rent for a few months in order for me to have these shoes …

I am also updating my blogroll. I try to check the Technorati links, but I always fall behind. So, if you would like to be blogrolled, please comment on this post and tell me the name of your blog, the URL and what your favorite imported beer is and why. (Mine alternates between Hoegaarden because it is smooth and has a nice taste and Mackeson XXX because it has this great hint of coffee or chocolate.) And forgive me if it takes awhile for me to add you, I am nothing if I am not constantly overwhelmed, slacking or making excuses as to why something has not yet been done. My apologies in advance.

I'd also like to give a shout out to the Singular Man, who has twice linked to me in recent weeks without so much as a comment from me. (This is dating blog equivalent of him leaving two voicemails and me not returning them, except that I don't think he's trying to sleep with me, so maybe not so much.)

Anyway, go read what the Singular Man has to say about me here and here. And while you're there, read some of his other stuff, because he is very good and he comments on an array of dating/single issues (when he is not preoccupied with bashing online dating sites).

Things are sort of on hold with the boy because he's not here and we're not so great on the phone. At all. It is odd. Will keep ya posted.

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