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Weekend Update: Wasting the pretty

Friday night was fun. Beer and good music. Fun. Not much else to note. Saturday I had an insane amount of appearance-related maintenance. I felt shallow making hair and nail appointments, spending money on silly things like highlights when people I know don't have houses. I feel guilty spending almost any money right now. Do I need this $3.50 peach tea drink? What about $85 highlights in my hair? Maybe it is a mild case of survivor's guilt. For better or for worse, I got the highlights and the haircut and the brow wax and the nails and the pedicure. I contributed to the economy, I guess. I am a firm believer in not "wasting the pretty," which is pretty much the only phrase from "He's Just Not That Into You" that I use regularly. I was free of about an inch of split ends and excess brows and sporting allover blondish-caramel highlights and rose toes and trimmed bangs and fake nails (because the crazy work hours led to me biting my nails, which can only be cured with pretty fakes). I was feeling pretty polished and I had several verbal commitments from friends who also wanted to go out and be fabulous. Slowly things began to unravel. One friend was too tired to go out after going to a wedding and another wanted to stay in with her boyfriend and watch football games. Though they invited me to join them, I was not interested in being the third wheel, so I passed. I left a few messages that were left unreturned and resigned my fully dressed, newly coifed and made-up self to a night of Saturday Night Live and Woodchuck Dark and Dry. And old friend stopped by and entertained me for a few hours. He drank the Flying Dog "In Heat Wheat" that I wasn't crazy about and we watched Napoleon Dynamite. I finally kicked him out around 2:30 a.m. and passed out. Today I visited my grandparents and my parents and all of the evacuees they have with them. Pretty relaxing weekend all around. P.S. I e-mailed jerkoff from the last post back. I was gracious. I kind of rambled about the hurricane and gave some details about my family's situation. I updated him on my job and wished him luck with the girlfriend. Perhaps I overreacted to the e-mail because I'd been working a lot and was just generally stressed out. It probably wasn't wisest e-mail for him to send, but I think I let my bitterness get the best of me when I assumed ill will on his part. It is oftentimes easier to forgive someone for past wrongs than it is to forget being hurt. He hasn't e-mailed me back. I guess he's engaged now. Odd.

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