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Note from S: This entry was updated (at bottom) on 8/1/05. Thanks! Here are the answers from our little question-and-answer session. Enjoy! (And if I missed anyone, ask again, maybe?) Do you own each of the shoes that you put up on the blog? Nope. The first pair (the green ones) are Manolo Blahniks and the pink ones were Christian Louboutin and I can''t afford either of them. (I am making this vow now, though. If I ever get loaded, my first "high fashion" purchase is going to be some stupidly expensive shoes. You can count on that.) The current ones are Steve Madden. I can afford them, but I couldn't find them at the stores around here and I don't order shoes online unless I've tried them on first, because I can never tell by looking at shoes how they're going to feel when I wear them. (I also don't own the purse or sunglasses, although I do own some cheap big glam glasses that I bought after seeing those Kate Spade glasses. Does that count?) Okay, no photo, but how about telling us your specs? Tall, short, blonde, brunette. etc? My specs? I feel like I'm in a catalog or something. And I know all you kids are going to put my description through the " profile translator" to come out with what you think are my actual specs. (I'm on to you!) I'm five feet seven inches tall (unless you count the heels, in which case I'm damn near five foot ten), brown hair, blue eyes, average build. Need to get back to the gym and start bringing salads for lunch again. Sigh. I would like to know what you look like also, and random stuff about you-like a mini-bio-what were you like in high school, where did you go to college, how did you decide to pursue the career you are in now? Is that too many questions, lol? Answer whatever you would like :) See above for my "specs." I was shy and dorky in elementary and middle school. I started to come out of my shell in high school. I was involved in a lot of clubs and activities and took a fair number of honors classes. I was active in my church and community volunteer work. (It's been all downhill since.) I went to a large college known for partying and football. I have always wanted to be a communicator. I used to write newsletters and short stories in my journal when I was young. Through writing for publications, having internships and some other activities, I decided that PR was what I wanted to do. (Could I have communicated that in a less specific way? I think not!) Do you have your dream job? If not, what would it be? Nope. I've always wanted to write a book. Always always always. What makes you the happiest? My friends and family. I'm a social person with a big family and fun friends and I love spending time with them. I may seem like a wild child party girl, but if I had to choose between partying at a bar with strangers or spending time with the people I love at home, I'd open the salsa, get out the blender and chill with the crew. What is the one thing you cannot live without? Oh God. So hard. Since you said thing and not person, I'm going to go with my cell phone. Sad but true. (This is, like, reason #672 that I'm a cliche!) As I said before, I'm a social person and I need to be able to reach out and touch someone at all times. Even during "alone time," it makes me feel good to know that I can speak to someone if I want or need to. (How original, right?) I bet you all thought I was going to say "Shoes!" or "Vodka!" Sigh. Who's your favorite college football player of all time? I like my team and my school, not the individual players. Is that bad? What's your favorite time-wasting/procrastinating activity? The Internet. I'm a news junkie and when I procrastinate I head to the NY Times or CNN if I'm at work and some serious political blogs when I'm at home. And I always always always read Wonkette, Gawker, Defamer and Go Fug Yourself. And, of course, I read the blogs of my single peeps. You guys and gals rule. Boxers or briefs? Low-rise boy shorts. Oh wait, you meant on OTHER people. I like boxer-briefs. They are so sexy, because they give you a nice view of the ass without being too tight. I don't hate boxers, but I am NOT a briefs girl. Get yer tighty-whiteys away from me, boys! When was the last time you felt the kind of happy where it seemed as though: a) all was right with the world? b) all was right with you? c) all was right with your clothes closet? The last time I felt all was right with the world was around Christmastime when I got to spend some time with my Best Friend Ever. I only see her once or twice a year and she always puts things into perspective for me. I love her. The last time I felt all was right with me was a few months ago when I signed all of the papers for my job and got my first "adult" sized paycheck. It was the culmination of a long search and a lot of self doubt and worrying about how I would pay if I got sick or hurt and still didn't have health insurance. Once I knew that I had a good job with a good paycheck and good health insurance and a 401(k) plan, it gave me the stability that I need to be happy. Things will NEVER be right with my clothes closet, darling. The seasons are always changing! How did you decide on "Charming" as opposed to any other positive adjective (seductive, shopaholic, flirty, fun, etc)? That's a good question! I have no idea. I touched on it in my first post. I was just sitting here and I'd been reading some blogs and I missed writing and I felt like I needed to write. I knew I wanted to write from the "Single" place in my soul. And people always act like saying someone is single is a BAD thing. They say, "He's got a good job and a house and he's REALLY nice, but he's totally single" or "She's so smart and funny, and we can't figure out why, you know, she's single." I decided that if people were going to toss the label of "but single" out there, I was going to give them something to put in front of it. And "charming" it was. Truth be told, I sometimes wish I had gone with a different name, because I think it could be off-putting to some people who think I'm just terribly conceited. For better or for worse, I'm kind of stuck with it. Also, I wasn't a shopaholic at the time because I was broke, I'm too dorky to seduce anyone, I think "Flirty, but single" and "Fun, but single" make me sound a touch sluttier than I actually am. The short answer: A blog's gotta have a name. Dream vacation, any travel plans? Greece! I've wanted to go to Greece since World History in high school. I loved learning about the architecture and culture and religion and history. It just seems to be so rich in culture and so beautiful to the eyes. When I was younger and naive, I said I wanted to honeymoon there. Now that I'm older, I'm realizing that I shouldn't have to wait to do the things I want to do. So maybe "Charming, but single in Greece!" Er, who's paying for this? I have no travel plans right now, other than a weekend trip to a nearby big city or something like that. Maybe next year. I've been saving a lot of vacay days at work. 8/1/05 Update: New reader Neil, who admits here to commenting on the blogs of unattached women to remind them that he may one day be single, commented that he came to my blog for sexy stories and has been disappointed to find only stories about my shoes. He asks: Can't you at least make up a fun story of sexual intrigue for your male audience? No? I'm not going to pretend to be getting some when I'm not. (Go download porn or something.) I'm in a dry spell. (A long, terrible, boring dry spell.) You don't think it pains me to only write about shoes and beauty products? (By the way, I am in love with Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. I've only been using it for a few days (I was using Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Cuticle Treatment with so-so results before.), so my manicurist may not approve, but I love love love the fresh smell and light consistency of the Burt's Bees stuff. And it's all natural. So great!) Also, I'm not as into kissing and telling now as I was when I was a touch younger. (I should have had a blog back then! Making out with random boys in bars! Late night hot tub sessions! Co-ed drunk Truth or Dare! Trust me, I used to be cool. Then I grew up.) Anyway, right now I'm looking for something more than a roll in the hay, which is probably why I'm writing about purses and wine selection and caring for my cuticles. Siiiiigh. C'est la vie. Que sera, sera. Or whatever.

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