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I am loaded. Soooo terribly loaded. (It took me, like, four tries to log into Blogger because I kept getting my password wrong.) I went to the newest downtown hotspot tonight. It was cool -- I took my bronze leather sandals out on the town and they LOVED it. My friend had met this guy online and she invited him to meet us. I think she figured that it would be better to meet him with her wingwomen there. It was terrible. Five minutes into the thing I sent her a text message that said, "Abort!" He started the evening by asked her to dance on a table, because she made a joke about getting wild at night. Guys who do not get jokes are TERRIBLY unattractive. He was a dud and she spent most of the night on the phone with an ex. I talked to Dud Date more than she did. He finally was so drunk that he sort of dozed off IN THE BAR. He was asked to leave. Just wow. Wow. So, the only people who hit on me were my friend's Dud Date and a random guy who (after hitting on me) dropped his drink off of the smokers' balcony. (He was a real winner!) I'm going to be single forever. FOREVER. I made serious eye contact with a cutie in dark-rimmed plastic glasses, but Dud Date wouldn't leave me alone, so I couldn't go flirt with the cutie. Sigh. He looked nice. Blaaaah. I'm going to sleep. Alone. Blech.

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