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I was cleaning out my digital photo album and uploading pictures on Shutterfly because people are constantly asking me, “Why didn’t you post the pictures from that night at [sushi bar]?” and “Didn’t you take pictures of Party Girl’s birthday?” and "The baby was born in March. Gonna put up the pictures from the Baby Shower?" While sorting through them, I stumbled across many many many pictures of my footwear. Below are some of the shoes that haven’t yet made an appearance chez blog. Enjoy!* Newest pair, worn with a knee-length stretchy A-line black dress with some rouching on the side. My toes are my favorite shade of pale pink, by OPI, called “Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie.” Another view: Got LOTS of compliments on these shoes. Like, from strangers. One of my fellow female diners suggested that these could double as "bedroom shoes" (if you know what I mean). And all for $45 at a little accessories boutique I love. They also come in a lighter cream and gold and a brown and copper tone. But the white was a bit too precious for me and the brown didn't go with my dress. The black is just right. And yes, that is little ruffles and a knot. Superfab! The pair below proves that end-of-the-season buys aren't all bad: These are from Enzo Angiolini, bought during an emotional time to make me feel better. (We all cope in our own way and I just needed to take a break, dress nicely, feel pretty and see my friends.) I think I paid $38 for them on super-end-of-season-sandal sale, including tax. I wore them once (on this night) and never again. Until I pulled them out a few weeks ago for The Bride's wedding and thought, "My lovelies? Why did I abandon you?" Now I wear them all of the time and I always get positive feedback. Like a group of guys stopped talking and stared when I walked by in them one day. (Until one of the women in the group grumbled, "I guess we can all pop our eyes back in socket now.") Yowza! I love that these have an ankle strap. Ankle straps make me feel like a lady. And they aren't really that hard to walk in. I can tell you from experience that you should avoid gravel parking lots while wearing these shoes. (Yeah, I live in the South, we still have gravel parking lots at some "quaint" rural establishments.) My only beef with these shoes is that I am not a big fan of the "wood tone" heel and sole. If they weren't so perfect I'd hate them because of it. It reminds me of those station wagons with wood tone panels on the side of them. And ain't no one who wants to look at a station wagon on my feet. I'm slowly learning to live with this style, as it does look cute with some summery, Bohemian looks. But still. *I worry sometimes that I may be encouraging poeple with foot fetishes to read my blog by constantly posting pictures of my feet in shoes. I don't have a foot fetish nor do I think my feet are super cute. I just really like my shoes a lot.

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