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I replied to an e-mail to my small girlfriends dinner group this morning. --- To: Married Girlfriend From College, The Banker From: Charming Subject: Re: Dinner If we do it at your house, [The Banker], I’ll gladly bring a bottle of wine (I have Evolution No. 9!) and someone to snack on. --- I switched back to my work e-mail. A bit later, I checked for a response. --- To: Charming, The Banker From: Married Girlfriend From College Subject: Re: Re: Dinner SomeONE to snack on??!! The Online Dating must be going well! --- Rimshot! The typing was due to an acute lack of Americanos in my life. (Evil doctors and their common sense advice.) Because The Online Dating is neither going well nor has it provided me anyone on which to snack. Damn. There’s been a lot of potential dates, but not a lot of actual action as of late. I’ve grown weary of winks and icebreakers and writing perky e-mails. It is tiring. I haven’t spoken much with The Academic. He called, I was busy. I messaged that I was stressed at work. He concurred. It has fizzled. I’ve been messaged several times by the Grad Student. He seems nice enough, but he goes to school about 45 minutes away. I know this isn’t like living on Mars. But if I’m going to date a guy, I was to know he could meet me after work for a drink or for a quick bite at lunch. And so I am less than enthused about a 45-minute commute for a hug. Also, my previous experience with The Academic has left me wary of these types. I like intellectual guys who know about current affairs, but this guy seems like he makes the obvious jokes, sticks with the obvious labels. Eh. Plus he doesn’t seem into going out so much, which is fine. But that’s not where I am. Also getting messaged regularly by a guy who I can only think of as The Blackberry, because he is always signed on via his cell phone. (Also, in case it was not clear, this guy is The Blackberry.) He seems interested in a date – we’ve mentioned drinks at a bar we both like. But he hasn’t made the move to ask for my number. And before everyone gets all feminist and all about me not asking for HIS number, I clearly put myself out there. He asked me to meet him out; I passed. But I did tell him I was interested in hanging out, suggested a meeting place and asked what nights he went to this bar. So I’m hardly being coy. I was also hoping to hear from a guy who messaged me through a personals site and seemed very much like my type. He also happens to be friends with Party Girl’s boyfriend. Good friends. And so I recognized him and sent pictures and a recap to Party Girl, who immediately confirmed that he was the same guy. I mentioned this in one of our e-mail exchanges and I haven’t gotten another e-mail from him since. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have shown my hand. I mentioned in an initial e-mail that I recognized him and he asked how, so I explained that his friend was dating mine (Party Girl) and so I had checked with her and she’d confirmed it. I even added a cute, “I promise, I’m not really this neurotic. I just recognized you from a party.” So now, of course, I’m worried that he thought that was crazy and not cute and he’s telling people that, you know, I’m a psycho cyber stalker. Sigh. (Apparently I have already blogged about the initial e-mail here.) This weekend would be the perfect time to meet him, because Party Girl will be in town and we have plans to go out on Friday night. And, with the three-day weekend I’m sure there is some sort of non-threatening barbecue situation where we could meet in a comfortable situation. Overthinking. I’m always overthinking.

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