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Day Four: Yikes

 Oh, the obsessing is getting bad. Really bad. Like, checking my phone every 10 minutes bad.


(Thought: He hasn't called because he's playing it safe and waiting until Wednesday.)


Calling my cell from my work landline "just to make sure it is working" bad.


(Thought: He hasn't called because he's nervous because he likes me and he wants to make sure he knows exactly what to say when he calls.)


Checking my voicemail "because sometimes it forgets to notify me when I have one" bad.


(Thought: He is never going to call me because instead of being coy and scribbling my number on a napkin and strutting out of the bar on Friday, I made out with him while drunk people cheered and then went back for that "one glass of wine" at his place and now he thinks I'm a total hussy, which is so unfair because I don't think he's a hussy and technically HE KISSED ME FIRST and I HATE SOCIETY.)


I'm grasping at straws here people and it is only Tuesday. And over a boy I met once. It is going to be a long, long, long week in Charming, but Single land.


I have e-mailed The Producer a short little note thanking her for inviting me out on Friday. Was this mean of me?


I polled my girlfriends on Saturday to ask if it was mean to hit on/make out with a guy The Producer had flirted with and said she thought was cute. My defense was, "She said he was cute, but not tall enough. It's not like she said 'I think I'm going to marry him' or something like that." To which my friend The Banker said, "Oh, good, girls. The next time we're out just remember that if you see a cute boy, before you point him out to S, you must say, 'I think I am going to marry him' or she'll make out with him." And then she rolled her eyes. And then everyone laughed.  


So, anyway, I knew The Producer was going to a Super Bowl party that she had said The Engineer would be at. I already had Super Bowl plans and didn't want to suddenly show at a party where I thought he might be, because it would have been REALLY obvious. I e-mailed her Monday evening in hopes that she'd offer a bit of knowledge about The Engineer and how he was gushing and gushing about how great I was at the Super Bowl party.


She hasn't e-mailed back. But she will. Right. And he will call. Right.


I just checked my phone again.

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