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Have not been eaten by pack of wild dogs -- YET

Sorry for the silence. I actually haven't been the victim of any kind of nefarious act (my dating life has, maybe, but not me). I've just been swamped at work and I was on the road for a few days.
I did have a chance to wear the fabulous bronze shoes out to dinner the other night. (So I was a touch overdressed. I mean, you're never fully dressed without high heels! I'm so over it.) As I left the restaurant with friends, I stopped to wait for the signal that I could cross the street, even though no cars were coming.
"Why'd you stop?" asked a male friend as he walked into the street.

"I can't run in these shoes! I can barely walk in them," I said as I shifted my weight from one leg to the other and felt for my keys in my purse.

"Then why did you buy them?" he asked as he reached the other side.

I wrinkled my brow.

"Because they are fabulous!" I said as I got my signal and strutted across the street.
I think I looked like a new drag queen or baby calf or something else that is unsteady and unable to walk. I will have to employ the time-tested method of practicing walking in my new shoes whilst doing housework. (You laugh, but you'd be AMAZED how well you break shoes in if you wear them on cleaning day. Just don't wear them while mopping, for obvious reasons.)
So, I'm planning on taking my pretty bronze sandals and my soon-to-be-newly-pedicured toesies out on the town Saturday night to brave one of these crazy new hot spots people keep talking about. I am hesitant to do so because of the parking situation and the standing factor and because I'm not really interested in pushing my way through a Saturday-night-sized crowd to buy a $12 martini, but whatever. I can't leave the shoes at home. It would be unfair.
Goal for the weekend: No calling B to see what he's doing. No calling B to let him know what my plans are. No calling B at all.
Um, does that mean I can't call B's roommate to find out what they're doing?
(I am so joking. Really. I swear. I am!)

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