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List-blogging, part 5 (or maybe 6 or 4?)

Things that are obvious:
  • I have yet to get the blog working for Internet Explorer. Sorry! It's on my list of things to do, I promise. It works for Firefox -- (I suppose I could have stayed in and fixed the blog last night, but there were beers to be had!)
  • Re: The post about my low-cut work outfit -- I am NOT posting a picture of my rack. No way in hell. Also, to commenter Gordon, I read your blog and I don't think the pope would like you thinking about my rack, as we are not married. Rules are rules, my Catholic friend. Sorry! ;)
  • The blogroll is in various stages of completeness. I love all of my fellow bloggers and being absent from the new blogroll is not a sign that you are uncool. It's a sign that I'm in over my head. (But, that's normal for me.)
On the subject of the inappropriate work clothes:
  • I love that everyone assumes sight unseen that I am so much hotter than all of my coworkers. So cute! I want to date you all.
  • The Whinemaster over at wants to know why women judge other women so much, especially when it comes to one woman looking like a knockout or seeming to show off her assets. Some of it is obviously jealousy and insecurity, but I think a lot of it is a learned behavior. When it comes to men, many women are very competitive, so they're quick to judge the competition and brand her a skank. That way if a guy picks her over you, you can say, "Well, I'm better than she is and he was just looking for a quick piece of ass." Not all women are like this, but it's a pretty prevalent problem. I could go on and on about the prevalence of Girl-on-Girl hostility and judgment, but I don't have the time. So, um, rent "Mean Girls." It all goes back to the high school cafeteria.
Songs I have stuck in my head:
  • "Lonely No More" -- Damn you Rob Thomas!
  • "Right to be Wrong" -- Joss Stone
  • "Son of a Preacherman" -- Dusty Springfield
  • "Hollaback Girl" -- Gwen Stefani (But only the part about bananas!)

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