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I can always tell when I am inappropriately dressed in the eyes of my fellow employees. 
My ensemble for today, for example, did not find any fans in my female coworkers, who raised their eyebrows as I walked by.
I'm wearing a modest black skirt and a striped button down over a camisole. Also, pointy-toed heels. (As an aside, I must say that if one more person insinuates that my shoes are work inappropriate, I will freak out. Yes, they're pointy. Yes, they're slingbacks. Yes, they are totally comfortable and I can run around everywhere in them. Seriously, my feet, my shoes. The funny thing is that these shoes are the most comfortable work shoes I own because they fit perfectly and don't have a ridiculously high heel. If they only SAW my sitting shoes. They would die. Anyway, to be cheesy, my feelings on shoes can best be summed up by one Carrie Bradshaw, who said, and I paraphrase, "A single woman's shoes are difficult to fill, which is why she sometimes needs a very special pair of them." I must seriously get out more.)
Anyway, I must've greatly underestimated the coverage afforded by said camisole, as everyone in my office seemed to be staring at the twins. I feel like such a hussy. (Constantly overexposed, I am.)
I shouldn't have bought this shirt. It doesn't fit the same way my staple fitted oxfords do. The top button is oddly placed, so it pulls across my chest, which is tres unattractive. In my mind, a camisole underneath with the first button left open was the logical choice. When I looked in the mirror the cleavage didn't look out of control. As in, I didn't see any. 
Alas, the disapproving stares of the women workfolk tell otherwise. 
I had shaken their judgment from my mind, deciding that I was overreacting because of my own self consciousness when a 40-year-old man almost ran into a door frame as he tried to turn into an office whilst not-so-discreetly checking out my rack.
Maybe I shouldn't wear this shirt anymore.

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