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So, did you hear about my weekend? I had so much to say about it that I posted the Weekend Update TWICE. (It's been corrected. Sorry! This e-mail a post function leaves more than a few things to be desired.)

Anyway, I have officially become a cliche. (Some might argue that this I'm in a persistent cliche-like state, but what do they know?) In this long single girl drought I'm experiencing, with boys boys everywhere, but not a man to date, I have turned to the one thing that makes it all OK.


A few weeks ago a bought two pairs of black shoes because I had killed my favorite black pointy-toe pumps. (I simply wore them too much.) I figured I should replace this pair with two other pairs, so that no other shoes would have to meet such a sad fate. (I couldn't throw out the dead shoes. They're sitting in my room staring at me with these big puppy eyes, saying, "Put me in coach! I can handle it!" Poor dears. They're just too stretched out and they're scratched up and one of the heels has a big gash in it ... I've got to stop wearing the same pair of shoes for 18 hours in a row.)

Now, those two pairs of new shoes are great. I wear them a lot. But they're closed-toe heels and it's summer, so I needed something comfy for bumming around on the weekend. (To go with my cute summer skirts, duh.)

So, I bought two pairs of flip-flops. (Not terribly expensive, but still two pairs.) They're cute and comfy.

So that brought the tally of recent shoe purchases to four. (Also, since we're going with an honesty thing, I've also recently purchased two purses -- neither of which is the black everyday purse I need. But, pink! And, um, I got some new earrings. But I used my employee discount and one pair was a present for my sister.)

So, yesterday I took a different route home to avoid traffic. I passed by one of my favorite store for shoes and accessories. I didn't stop. I was very proud of myself. THEN, I saw the sign advertising a sale at another similar store and my Jeep decided to stop. (It didn't ask my permission to stop, it just KNOWS these things.)

I browsed a bit and didn't see much in the way of sale merchandise. Then someone pointed me to a shelf in the back which was rife with sale items.

Long story short, I bought two more pairs of black shoes. (The saleswoman played me! After I had decided on just one pair, she magically pulled two different styles out of the back in my size. They weren't even on the shelf yet! I had to buy at least one of them.)

Now, my friends, I feel that I can be honest with you. Trust me when I say that I have more pairs of uncomfortable black shoes than I have good sense. Seriously, the last thing I needed was more black heels (especially black shoes with three-inch heels), but they were on sale and I loved them.


So, I wore one pair today. They are literally the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn in my life. (I almost took the elevator up one floor instead of taking the stairs. Then I remembered that I haven't been to the gym in at least two weeks.) They throw me off balance and the heel is too high and WAY too skinny. Also they kind of pinch my toes. (They make my legs look fabulous though.)

And they're sooooo cute.

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