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Listblogging, part 4 (I think)

Since my love life is leaving a lot to be desired, I'm going to listblog, so you'll at least have something new to read.

Good things:

  • It's Friday.
  • There's potential for new boys, as I'm hanging out with a different crew
  • tonight.
  • My boss thinks I rule.
  • It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend. (Maybe I'll jog outside instead ofat the gym. Or maybe not at all.)
  • March Madness means lots of good basketball games this weekend.
  • Feta cheese (Oh, the odd cravings I have.)

Bad things:

  • Road rage
  • Insomnia
  • That stupid "Real Good Time" song by Pink
  • Sunburn

Needless purchases I plan to make and justify by saying, "Hey, it was just payday":

  • One cute black purse (This time I'm buying it. Really.)
  • Brown heels (I need these. It's a crime of fashion to wear blackwith brownpants.)
  • Several expensive drinks tonight
  • A nice sushi dinner for me and a pal on Saturday
  • New lipstick (It's Spring)
  • Some cute cubicle stuff (I spend too much time here for it to be ugly.)

Songs I am obsessed with this week:

  • "Somebody" by Bonnie McKee
  • "Waiting" by G Love
  • "Vindicated" by Dashboard Confessional
  • "Hard Candy" by Counting Crows
  • "Hello" by Lionel Riche (damn Starburst commercial)
  • "Diary" by Alicia Keys
  • "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers

Goals for the weekend:

  • Rest
  • Get new blog design uploaded (Don't hold your breath!)
  • New blogroll
  • Meet charming, but single, guys with bigger brains and smaller egos

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