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So, apparently half of the people I know had, for a lack of a less-used word, drama at Saturday's all evening drunkfest. Arguments! Jealousy! Indecent proposals! Random hook-ups! I am too old for all of this. I had dinner with B and some friends tonight before heading to a bar for a drink. I needed to unwind, and B is the perfect person to help you unwind, because I don't think he has a tense bone in his body. It's nice to be his friend -- I'm glad that I was able to see the good in the bad of that situation, because I do cherish his friendship. There is very little I could do or say that would surprise or shock B. I've poured my heart out to him so many times, yelled at him so many times and come onto him so many times that he is immune to me. So, maybe I'm the slightly crazy chick he's friends with. So? I didn't mean to bring the T situation up, but he overheard me on the phone with a friend. I gave him a shortened version of the day and he reacted pretty much like everyone else. He couldn't believe how rude T had been. He added, "I told you that guy was odd." He's right. You know, we always make fun of our married friends who stay in and cook dinner and get up early and do yardwork and other "boring" things. We mock them for acting old and not being wild and crazy and fancy free. But maybe Billy Crystal was right when, in When Harry Met Sally, he said, "When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible." I am so cheesy. I think I'm just tired of the single marathon -- the dinners and drinks and dates and group dates and hanging out and exchanging numbers and waiting for calls and finding outfits and shaving legs and blah blah blah. I had a long talk with my best friend from high school on Sunday. She's just cut it off with her most recent beau. (Poor girl has terrible luck with men.) She asked about my family and we talked about my younger brother, who is in one of these great healthy relationships with the woman of his dreams. She asked me if I ever looked at him and other happy couples and was angry and jealous that I didn't have that. Obviously, I have. I'm not going to say I'm not jealous of people in happy relationships and angry that I've been pretty much metaphorically running into brick walls with every new man I encounter. I look around sometimes and wonder if I overslept the day everyone paired off. She said she tries to focus on the good, positive things in her life -- a job, friends, family. But she's also turned to home repair projects to take her focus off of the stress that is dating. She's a real whiz with a paint brush, and her roommates love it. Maybe it's the thing about the watched pot and the boiling. I think I have a dresser that needs to be refinished ...

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