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I decided to be a strong modern woman and call T last night. (Fine, I whined about it first.) (Side note: I am normally not shy about calling boys. Ever. I am a bit forward at times. Also, I am quite adept at drunk dialing.)

I called a bit before 9 p.m. as I was on my way to pick up a girlfriend for martini night. I was calling to playfully hassle T into coming with us. (He has previously stated that he doesn't go out late during the week.) I felt confident that he would come around this night because two of his good friends were meeting us. (I confirmed with them before I called.) So, I figured this would be a low-stress way for us to spend a little bit of time together and he would see that I do like him and ask me out.

I had thought of everything.

So, he picks up the phone, and he sounds half awake. He assures me that he wasn't sleeping but that he was in bed. (Probably reading. He's a book fanatic, which is so attractive.) He sounded so comfortable and calm and I had spent all day in and out of meetings and on my cell phone in the car, even drinking a Red Bull at 4 p.m. to keep me focused for a meeting that was eventually cancelled. So, hearing the relaxed nature of his voice and his attitude made me wish I could just go curl up in bed with him and just sleep all wrapped up in his arms and blankets. Heavenly. (This is so bad. This type of thought always gets me in trouble.)

Needless to say the sudden urge to cuddle knocked me off of my plan, and so I wasn't making the best arguments for why he should come. Years of honing my communication skills didn't matter. It sucked.

Anyway, he was sweet and flirty about it, but he didn't come. I jokingly apologized for calling him when I knew he probably wouldn't come and he said, "No no, it's good for my ego." (In a totally cute and flirty way, not in an obnoxious and terrible way.) I responded, "Well, this hasn't exactly been good for MY ego," and we both laughed.

He DID ask what was going on this weekend, but I'm worried that I played it too cool. I said, "I don't know of anything, but I'm sure I'll find a reason to drink." That was the perfect opening, so of course he didn't take it.

He's just screwing with me now.

We did have a good time at martini night, though. Yummy watermelon. Also one of T's friends told me a story about something they did last weekend (T had already told me this same story) and I said, "Yeah, I know." He kind of smiled and replied, "I know you do. And I know who told you," like a little kid. I half expected him to start singing, "S and T sitting in a tree ..." Anyway, I think I've been a topic of conversation in T's group of friends.

That's a good thing, right?

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