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List blogging, round two

Songs I've had stuck in my head this week:

  • "Isn't She Lovely" and "Part-Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder (Damn American Idols on the TV all of the time)
  • "At Last" by Etta James
  • "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra (Came on twice while I was having drinks the other night. I've been singing it in traffic since then)
  • "Thinking Over" by Dana Glover (I don't even know how this one ended up on my computer or who Dana Glover is)
Annoying things about this week:
  • I only got maybe half of my "to do" list finished this week at work. I seriously was lost in the Bermuda Triangle of PR this week.
  • Annoying people who talk to you while you're sitting at your desk, obviously busy and on the phone. (Bonus points if the person talking to you doesn't even work in your section and has no reason to need your assistance.)
  • Obnoxious people who cannot answer simple, reasonable questions posed in an e-mail and instead choose to rudely bring the topic up in front of 10 other co-workers at lunch time. (Bonus if the obnoxious person tries to make you feel stupid for not knowing everything about your company three weeks into your job.) (Extra bonus if the person is so rude to you that other people feel awkward and leave the lunch room early because they'd rather go work than witness such rudeness.)
  • I somehow misread what is included in my new cell phone package and ended up being charged for $15 worth of text messages from last month.
Cool things about this week:
  • It is over.
  • Happy hour
  • Found a cool new sandwich shop for lunch
  • I get to be out of the office most of the next.
  • Flirty e-mails
Things I want to see happen next week:
  • Flirty phone calls and drinks (!)
  • Shopping
  • Actual accomplishments at work
  • Comments from my three blog visitors. (Seriously, I know I've been boring lately, but things are gonna get better. I swear!) (Comment, people, comment!)

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