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Sometimes I can't string thoughts together is a cohesive way. Tonight is one of those times, when only lists will do. Things I am obsessed with:

  • Orbit sugarfree whitening gum -- Seriously, I went through at least three packs last week alone. Perhaps this obsession is due to the fact that I've cut my smoking back by much more than half. At this rate, my teeth with be sparkling white by the end of the month.
  • Meeting new guys -- I think I've exhausted the supply of men in my social circle. Must make plans to step out of comfort zone.
  • Finding a new black everyday purse
  • Finding a new apartment
  • Making sure I drag myself back to the gym, as have lost sight of the New Year's Resolution to work out at least three times a week
  • Saving up for an iPod
Things that make me happy:
  • My new workout mix CD, featuring The Killers, Gwen Stefani, The Donnas, Missy, Kayne West and Keane
  • "Flame Turns Blue" by David Gray
  • Cooking
  • Hour-long conversations with my best friend from high school
  • Realizing that I'm not the only one flailing around clueless about dating
  • Freshly washed sheets on laundry day
  • My impending weekend shopping spree
Things that drive me crazy:
  • Friends who ask for your opinion on something, but then belittle your response
  • Friends who expect you to listen to them whine and moan about their boy problems for months and months and months , but refuse to listen to you vent for even a second. (Hey, I'll admit that I have a bit of a one-track mind sometimes, but don't snap at me for talking about something a guy did last week if you're still whining about something as meaningless that happened to you two years ago.)
  • People who talk in the movie theatre during the feature. It is not necessary to comment on everything on the screen, especially if your comments fall into the category of "You go, girl!" or "Girl, you know I wouldn't let a guy treat me like that. NOT. AT. ALL." (Annoying girl who sat behind me during "Hitch," I am looking at you. )
I feel better now.

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