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The perils of flirting in costume

Costumes add an interesting challenge to flirting. While most women I know go for subtly slutty (or outright whorish, depending on the outfit) with their Halloween costumes, men seem to go the other extreme. Either gross or odd. This can present problems. Can you flirt with someone with a fake eyeball dangling semi-realistically from their head? Is that guy in the mask looking at me? Could he take off the damn wig so I can see him better? Is that goofball being coy to match his character? Like the guy dressed as Magnum P.I. at the Halloween party I attended last night. Was he flirting with me? He had a fake moustache and a hat on his head so I could barely see his eyes. Maybe not? Probably not? When I tried to introduce myself, he shot back an in character, "I'm Magnum P.I." We talked some and he seemed to smile a lot. When I asked one of my coworkers who Magnum P.I. was – meaning the guy in the costume, not the character – I got an eyeroll and a lecture on 80s TV shows. By someone who is younger than I am. Fabulous. So, Mr. P.I., maybe you were flirting. I guess I'll never know, because that fake 'stache really threw me off.

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