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Though BFE is not yet engaged, we've been gossiping quite a bit about wedding details and plans, which is still kind of fun to do now because the reality hasn't set in yet due to her nonengaged status.

Witness the following text message exchange:

Charming: So, all those years that you talked about orange bridesmaid dresses. You weren't serious, right?

BFE: We're hoping that the color of the wedding is going to be red-orange, yes.

Charming: I think orange is probably going to look bad on me. Are you absolutely sure I can't wear black?

BFE: I'm not going to be a Bridezilla, but absolutely no black. I'm pretty firm on this.

Charming: I just want you to know that you're the only person I love enough to wear an orange dress in your wedding.

BFE: I know, and I love you too. And you're going to look beautiful and having you around me will make me look beautiful too.
That boy of hers better pop the question before I lose my willingness to wear orange.

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