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The other day I was hanging out at my parents' house before a family dinner. Talk turned to my still-in-high-school sister's dating life, which annoyed her to no end and thrilled me, since it stopped my mom from asking me for the 400th time if I was being careful with the "men from that –ahem!—'service' on the Internet."

"What happened to that guy from formal last year?" I pried with glee. "He was cute!"

He'd been a set up, a friend of her friend's boyfriend who went to another fancy school in town. They'd hung out several times and went to both of their schools' formals together, but it was clearly more out of mutual necessity than actual romance or chemistry.

(This is all fine and dandy with me because the child is still so young. She has all the time in the world to follow in the neurotic dating disaster footsteps of her fair sister.)

My parents ribbed her for his not calling. Just the way they've joked with me from ages 16 to 26. They mean to be playful, but it stings from time to time.

"I think he died and no one told your sister," Dad teased.

My sister narrowed her eyes at my parents and with turned a defiant gaze in my direction.

"I think he died and no one cared," she smirked to me.

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