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An Open Letter to Myself on the Occasion of a Growing Crush

Note from CBS: It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these open letters … and I am definitely in need of one, methinks.

Dear Charming,

I know that you are quite taken with – dare I say smitten? – A certain Medical Professional who is a great kisser and smokes a good cigarette. He is attentive. He is dorky in the best kind of way.

And the chemistry is there.

That said, I encourage you to stop the freefall plunge into Attachment just yet. It is perfectly fine to want things to work out. You do deserve a nice guy who is capable of having an adult relationship. But you can’t confuse this lusty flirtation with anything more than the beginnings of a really good crush with fun extracurriculars.

Because at this point, that is all that it is.

And until he shows his hand, hold yours close to the vest. Call me a cynic, dear, but there’s nothing that says that slowly giving into your desires and developing feelings is bad. In fact, truth be told, it is probably much better to take a step back and wait for his next move. You are stuck in the haze, my dear. You are having the inappropriate daydreams about his involvement in your life, aren’t you? (I know you are. And that one about a rainy Sunday was fantastic, if I do say so myself.) You are settling for his last-minute plans with you when you are deserving of some forethought.

Make sure he’s right before you get attached. Don’t put the dreams of a relationship before the right guy.

Put down the phone. Stop checking your e-mail obsessively. He will call. And while you’re waiting, you should plan a date with another suitor for sure.

And if he doesn’t call, then we SERIOUSLY have to talk about your approach to dating.

Right after we have a cosmo and two Camel UltraLights.



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