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Yesterday I volunteered to take a quick break from work and fetch lunch for me and a co-worker from a place down the street, so I could breathe some fresh air and move around a bit. I was enjoying my two block walk and generally keeping to myself as I entered the building, pretty oblivious to everyone else. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone I knew. Little Mister Small Town. I wasn't sure that it was him, so I went to the counter and ordered the food and waited. I shot a sideways glance toward the table by the window – it was him, he was looking at me, but he was with a group of people.

I fussed with my bags, slid my wallet back into my purse and slyly fixed the hem of my shirt so that it laid flat against my body. And I put my shoulders back and turned to the door, walking by his table.

He looked away from the group, smiled and mouthed "Hello."

I mouthed "Hi" back and slid my sunglasses on to head out into the world.

Another chance encounter and I couldn't help myself from wondering if there was a reason I kept seeing him places. I am hopelessly romantic and I've seen too many romantic comedies, perhaps. I went to put it out of my mind.

But on the two block walk back, I decided that I let these opportunities go by too often. I don't act on them and then I wonder.

I returned to my desk, dug into my salad and drafted a coy e-mail.

From: Charming

To: Little Mister Small Town

Re: Hello

Hi, we met many moons ago at a bar with [Friends' names]. You gave me your card (did I seek your official counsel at the bar that night?). Anyway, I just saw you at lunch but I didn't want to interrupt you. I feel rude not saying hello since we work near to each other. Maybe next time I'll get to say hello in person.    
--- Charming

 He hasn't e-mailed back, but I'm not freaking out. Either he does or doesn't, but at least I made a bold gesture. If he's interested, he'll e-mail back. If he's not and the hellos and coy smiles are just friendliness, he won't.

 I am proud of myself. I never make such bold moves. I just let things fester until they drive me insane. I don't know where this new surge of confidence is coming from. But I like it.

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