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One downside of online dating is that when you meet someone and you start dating them, there is still the possibility that you are still dating other people.

And both of you know it.

I haven’t been out with any other men since I began dating The Nurse. None of the men who have messaged me lately have been good prospects and I’ve neglected the process of messaging men myself.

Last night I was at a work function and The Nurse was celebrating passing a test he’d been studying for all week. We met up for a drink and ended the night at my place.

As we stood in my messy kitchen snacking, he commented on the dishes in the sink.

“I cooked last night and didn’t do them.”

“So you cooked?”

“Yep, tofu stir fry with noodles and mushrooms.”

“Oooooh,” he said, raising an eyebrow.

“What?” I leaned into him and tugged on his untucked shirt.

“You don’t have any left?”

“No, I didn’t make that much.”

“You had a date over here,” he teased, wrapping an arm around my waist.

“No, I didn’t make that much.” I twisted from his grasp and began clearing the counter.

He picked up an empty popcorn bag and shook it.

“You DID have a date over here,” he said, waving the bag like evidence.

“Nope, just ate popcorn for dinner one night.”

“It’s okay if you had another man over here. You can date.”

I just rolled my eyes.

We snuggled in bed later and he started giggling. I inquired as to his laughter. He told me about a scene in “My Super Ex Girlfriend,” which he’d seen that night, in which Luke Wilson’s girlfriend breaks the bed during sex.

“We thought that was really funny.”

My ears perked up at the “we.”

“You don’t strike me as the ‘My Super Ex Girlfriend’ type,” I said, fishing for information about this “we” of which he spoke.

“It was cute. We enjoyed it.”

Again with the “we.”

I didn’t ask who he’d seen the movie with because I didn’t want to be the jealous type. But as I fell asleep, I just had to wonder -- Who’s dating other people now?

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