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That went poorly ...

Wow. That was disastrous. (I think the only thing that would have made it worse would have been if I said, "Please don't cry." Which I didn't.)

I was having serious Web connection issues while I tried to let the IT Guy down gently. Each time I sent or received a message, I'd get signed off.

It went like this:

IT Guy: Why don't you let me take you out on Thursday?

Charming gets knocked offline.

Charming signs back on.

Charming: I'm really sorry …

Charming gets knocked offline.

Charming signs back on.

IT Guy: It's ok.

IT Guy: Why don't you let me take you out on Thursday?

Charming gets knocked offline.


I finally squeezed in a, "I'm sorry [It Guy]. I had a nice time hanging out, but you seem to be hung up on your ex and I do not think it is going to work."

And then I got knocked offline.

I finally got my connection to work, but he had signed offline. So I sent him a very apologetic e-mail.

I feel like a bitch. I do not know why this was so hard for me – I think I just saw him as so emotionally vulnerable and I was really worried that I'd upset him. The crying on the date got to me.

Also, the reference to burning an ex-girlfriend's things …

Oh, in case you're wondering, I hate pulling off Band-Aids. I pick at them. It takes me a few minutes to just rip them off. It stresses me out.

Amazingly, eyebrow waxes? Fine.

Sigh. Next!

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