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The Return of the List Blog

 I am too busy working on the health-related resolution to put together an interesting, cohesive post.


So, you will get a List Blog and like it.


Things I am obsessed with:


  • Finding the perfect class at my gym. I'm doing some dance workout class (Lord help us all) tomorrow and then trying Step (which I've always avoided like the plague) on Saturday. I'm working up with Spinning. I've always wanted to do Spinning, but it looks oh-so-intense and scary. And I'm a wimp.
  • Dasani with Lemon, which replaces Diet Coke with Lime as my new favorite at-work drink.
  • Flat-leaf parsley, because it makes everything taste fresher. (Am I the only person who feels like a gourmet chef when she garnishes even the most basic dishes with freshly chopped herbs? Making my own vinaigrette makes me feel the same way.)

The "I am too klutzy to be let out in public" moment of the week:


Not to only blog about boring stuff like dieting and working out, but that is sort of what I'm doing nowadays. Anyway, the first night I worked out at the new gym after work, there was a really cute male trainer putting a woman through her a workout. The only open treadmill was right next to them, so I got on it and started walking while I got my CD player going. (And, I swear, I feel like the only adult in America who doesn't own an iPod.)


The woman was jogging on the treadmill next to mine, and Cute Trainer was standing in between our treadmills talking to her. I wanted to look like I knew what I was doing, so I started the treadmill and started walking really quickly. About three minutes in I was pumping my arms and I accidentally hit the emergency button on the treadmill, which caused it to abruptly stop and for my body to lurch forward and for me to grab the handrail next to the Cute Trainer while squealing like I'd just been blindsided by a truck. (I was really in the zone when the treadmill stopped.)


He turned to me, concerned, realized what I'd done and said, "If you hit that red button, it will stop." I just drank my water and nodded, completely mortified.


Songs on my workout mix:  

  • "Moondance" by Michael Bouble
  • "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" by Chris Issak
  • "Shooters" by Lil Wayne (featuring sexy Robin Thicke, son of Alan Thicke of "Growing Pains," I think.)
  • "Get Into the Groove" by Madonna
  • "Shame on You" by the Indigo Girls
  • "Breathe" by Anna Nalick (I don't know why I still love this song.)
  • "Straight Tequila Night" by Clay Walker (Yeah. Shut up.)
  • "Cry Just Like a Baby" by Kasey Chambers
  • "Didn't Steal You Boyfriend" by Ashlee Simpson (I will hear NO criticism! It's fast and perfect for working out.)

What's on your workout playlist? I'm taking suggestions for songs to keep me energized for an hour. (And also for some good cool down songs.)  

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